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With more than 30 years’ experience in the double glazing, window, door and conservatory industry, Seal-Lite is an established and respected company that employs more than 40 staff. Like most companies of this size, Seal-Lite doesn’t employ a dedicated human resources manager. Keen to ensure they follow best practice and protect both their staff and the business, Seal-Lite worked with Redwood Business Support to implement human resources policies, processes and new contracts of employment.

What Seal-Lite Needed.


As the business has grown, director Chris Shearn has seen the importance of having HR processes in place. He explained: “Employment law wasn’t an area that I knew anything about. When running a business, it’s easy to get bogged down in human resources issues when you don’t know the law.”

As is the case for many businesses, it wasn’t viable for Seal-Lite to employ full-time HR support, so instead they turned to Redwood Business Support. Chris said: “We had been approached by a number of companies offering their services, but it seemed overpriced and very expensive. Matt and Redwood Business Support were recommended to us by a supplier. After meeting with Matt and Ann, their HR specialist, we felt they really listened to us, understanding our needs and our budget.”

How We Helped.


Redwood carried out a review of Seal-Lite’s business, focusing on human resources and employment law requirements. Matt Pluchino, director and founder of Redwood, outlined the process: “We reviewed Seal-Lite’s documents and processes before developing a plan to help Seal-Lite move forward. We then worked closely with them to draft a set of documents, policies and manuals that were tailored to their business.”

The Redwood team introduced new contracts of employment for staff and the senior management team, as well as developing an employee manual (which gives guidance to staff including information about holidays, sickness, notice periods and so on).

Matt explained: “We mentored the operations manager and company directors, helping them plan the launch. We also wrote covering letters and worked with the management team to explain how the launch would work and how it needed to be communicated. For a short time our HR specialist Ann was based on site to ensure a smooth transition.”

Redwood Business Support continues to offer Seal-Lite peace of mind and affordable support through their HR advice line. Any time Seal-Lite have a question or want to check anything, they call the advice line and speak to their local specialist Ann. Chris explained the advantages of this: “When supporting us, Ann works as though she is a member of the Seal-Lite team and we know she has our best interests at heart. For the short time she was based in our office, she looked very smart and official. Most importantly, she knows employment law inside-out. We know that the advice she gives us keeps on the right side of the law and that gives us confidence in dealing with any issues.”



Since working with Redwood, Seal-Lite director Chris has reported an improvement in staff engagement and says the management team has gained in confidence and expertise. He added: “The business is now running more efficiently and I can be confident in the decisions we take. By dealing with situations confidently, I can set the right example.”

Chris concluded: “It’s like a different place since we started working with the Redwood team. We’ve got a better workforce now that morale has improved and everyone is working more efficiently. Their services obviously cost money, but it has made us more productive so we’ve recouped what we spent. I can’t fault their service and I’d be very happy to recommend Redwood Business Support to anyone.”

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